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Pre-Application Requirements

In addition to pre-requisite course work, applicants need to be mindful of the requirements listed on this page and allow adequate time to complete these requirements before the application deadline.

All necessary application forms and instructions will be provided at program orientation meetings. 

TEAS V Exam (Previously known as HOBET)

Applicants for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program are required to take the TEAS V exam (previously known as HOBET).

Applicants should be aware that the program allows only one attempt per application period. Applicants must schedule this exam with the DACC testing office (575)527-7569 to arrange a testing date and time. TESTING TIMES ARE LIMITED and should be scheduled well in advance of the application deadline of April 1st.

FBI Fingerprint and Background Check

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Administration of Health Care Organization (JACHO), which accredits healthcare organizations across the country, has set up requirements mandating that students must complete the same background check as health care employees. Students accepted into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program must, at their own expense, complete a background check, drug screen and fingerprinting.


Health Data/Physical Exam

Applicants must have a program Health Profile Form completed by a licensed practitioner. The form will be available at the scheduled orientation meetings.

Immunizations and Tests Required by State Law & Clinical Facilities

Prior to attending the clinical sites, students are required to have up-to-date vaccinations or antibody testing that includes: rubella, varicella, TDAP, TB, and Hepatitis B.  The vaccination record must be verified by a physician or approved licensed health professional.

Students accepted into the program will be required to have CPR certification through the American Heart Association (AHA) prior to visiting clinical sites.

Drug Testing

Students who have been selected for admission into the DMS program must take and pass a 10 panel drug screen as part of the acceptance criteria for the diagnostic medical sonography program.

Failure to pass drug screening will prevent a student from being formally accepted into the program.