Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DASR Executive Conference Room 118, East Mesa Campus


PRESENT: Andy Burke, Mónica Torres, Ike Ledesma, Fred Lillibridge, Kristi Martin, Mary Beth Worley, John Walker, Bernie Piña, Lydia Bagwell, Saundra Castillo, Fred Owensby, Tammy Powers, Jackie Kiefer, Lora Ross, Mozella Garcia, Vickie Galindo, Claudia Hadley, Mack Adams, Lori Allen, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Michael Banegas, Gladys Chairez, Gerri Martinez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduñez, Rosa DeLaTorre-Burmeister, Rosalina Contreras and Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Luly Valencia-Glenn, Nancy Ritter and David Burleson

GUESTS: Patricia Hidalgo for Nancy Ritter


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Meeting Start Time

10:05 a.m.


1 – Approval of the November 6, 2013 Minutes – Andy

Bernie moved to approve the minutes of November 6, 2013.  John W. seconded the motion.  No discussion, all were in favor.  Irene will post.

The November 5, 2013, minutes were approved.

Ike introduced Tim Farr the new Sign Language Coordinator.  Tim had been contracted with DACC since 1996.  Andy welcomed Tim.

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2 – PRIP, Strategic Planning, & Budget Process – Fred

The college has being doing PRIP since 2000.  It’s simple, it works, and it is designed for your own units.  Yesterday, Andy sent everyone information on the budget process.  This year we have the opportunity for it to work like it was supposed to work and there is some opportunity for success.  Fred asked that budget requests correlate well with the planning process (PRIP) and that you speak to it in the budget process.  This could also be used as program review.  Fred noted the Strategic Plan used a best practices approach to planning.  We focused on student services, retention and graduation rates.  Fred provided a handout to the group (see below handout below).  A survey of the process noted 46% of staff has participated in the process while 40% have not but are well aware of process. 

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3 – Budget Request Process – Andy

Andy noted for HLC criterion 5, they will look for systematic quality improvement and resource allocation.  As large of an organization as DACC is, there are ways to achieve.  He noted he emailed budget information to everyone yesterday.  The process is not framed differently but will allow staff to be included and also to get broad engagement.  Andy presented a few slides (see slides below) regarding revenue and expenditures, summary of FY14 budget process, and list of current Budget Committee members.  Transition Task Force 1, which was a faculty intensive group, noted in their final report there was a lack of communication not only from division to division but also department to department.  There are some divisions who are very inclusive and others not so much.  Andy wanted to emphasize that it’s an expectation to vet discussion within divisions, departments, VPs, etc.  Please get ideas, document meetings, and post on SharePoint.  During the process, divisions will be looking closely at the course schedule and will budget what is scheduled.  Also considered will be the Budget Committee recommendations.  Andy noted it was difficult to predict new money with the current State funding.  The Legislature will also consider salary increases.  There will be no increase in money for enrollment.  The college will consider tuition rate increases.  We may identify significant priorities to increase tuition.  Andy noted we will have future commitments – one faculty position on Carl Perkins.  The guidelines will allow new position requests and new department expense increases.  He would like all divisions provide priorities.  Do your preliminary work now.  Budget requests are due to Andy on February 19 with budget hearings scheduled for February 20.  On March 14, an invite to all the college will be sent for budget feedback.  The budget will need to be completed by April 1.  The Advisory Board will approve before being sent to the Regents. Michael asked what impact the Lottery would have on the budget.  Andy answered the Legislature could appropriate money but as a college, we will not be able to fund.  Andy noted there are 500 students at DACC on Lottery which is approximately $750,000.  The impact would be approximately 40% or $300,000.  Michael noted he had seen where 60% would be covered.  Andy noted this would only be for the Spring semester.  The Legislature should take care of this.  Andy continued with the budget information (see slides below).

Andy noted formal requests had not been taken in a long time.  Andy plans a similar meeting with the Budget Committee in January.  You are welcome to address with members (see slides below).  He will be asking them to consider institutional needs – travel, etc.  Mónica noted there is a major concern that not all faculty and staff take part in the process.  We want to be consistent across the college.  Each VP will have a prioritized list.  Please work with all to have discussions to prioritize requests.  Be conscious of the timeline.  Andy will continue talks with the Executive Team.  There may be tough decisions.  Michael asked about Carl Perkins meetings.  Andy noted John W. should be scheduling.  Carl Perkins dictates how we spend; currently instructional programs only.  A discussion followed on possible changes to Carl Perkins at the State level to include non-instructional and DACC’s position of 40% of Carl Perkins to non-instructional.

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4 – Rio Grande Preparatory Institute Update – Mónica

Andy noted he, Mónica, Ike and Becky met with LCPS Superintendent, principal, and counselors.  Mónica was happy to report that it was a good meeting.  Rio Grande Prep is the former San Andres.  LCPS is calling it an ECHS but it looks more like dual credit. Students will leave with a diploma and certification.  The courses offered will include career technical skills and soft skills.  Mónica noted there were two issues:  pathways – we have been concerned with ECHS and what we can deliver and what we can deliver at their building; possible high school academic in the morning and DACC in the afternoon.  Andy added a possible packaging of shorter terms.  Saundra sits on their advisory board.  Mónica noted all certificates are financial aid eligible.  There are a range of students interested in a range of courses.  The other issue is admissions requirements – they have asked us to waive the 2.0 GPA which we could not do.  For dual credit, it is waived if the student has demonstrated proficiency to be successful.  DACC is not interested in a blanket waiver. Other options were discussed: alternatives, compass scores, and Work Keys.  Mónica noted the college needs to be concerned about proficiency in reading, math, and writing.  We also need a systematic approach.  Key questions include how Compass shows those proficiencies and other determinations for proficiency.  We want to understand the proficiency.  Andy noted all students should take the Compass.  Mónica noted one of the ways to work on this is she will convene a Public School Programs Committee.  The Committee will come up with new ideas, develop proposals, and make recommendations.  Ultimately, we need to have a formal process to make decisions.  She will be approaching people fairly quickly.  Mónica noted we had also been approached by GISD for a health ECHS.  A discussion followed on makeup of students attending Rio Grande, doing things differently for these students, and staff at Rio Grande.

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5 – Mesquite Neighborhood Learning Center Update – Andy

Andy noted MNLC has been with DACC for 10 years and we have been fortunate to have funding.  The facility was built with HUD Grant and is owned by the City.  There are 600 students on an annual basis.  Unfortunately, the most recent HUD Grant is ending in December.  There is three staff members funded under grant – one non-exempt, one teacher, and one exempt.  A decision was made to reallocate existing positions.  This may have an impact on budget requests.  The teaching position will be moved to ABE for consideration; the non-exempt position has been moved to I&G budget; and the exempt position has been assigned to Ike’s area.  Andy noted the center has done a great job and we are going to have to make sure we get the revenue back to cover.  We will have discussions with departments who are impacted. 

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6 – Achieving the Dream Coaches Visit – Fred

Fred noted we have been an AtD Leader College for four years.  Part of the responsibility is we get an opportunity to meet with coaches.  Our coaches are Frank Renz and Trudy Bers.  The AtD requirements are 1) AtD Committee Core Team and 2) Data Team.  The college opted for one team – Funding the Dream Team.  The coaches will be visiting DACC on March 12-13, 2014.  We have good coaches who understand DACC and they are here to help.  Fred, at this time, would like to propose using this visit as a dry run for accreditation.  Possibly have a faculty meeting, faculty/staff meeting and a student meeting.  Trudy is an HLC peer evaluator and Frank use to be.  The agenda has not been established but we hope to get good participation.  Andy noted he had had a discussion with Frank and Fred had a discussion with Trudy.  There is nothing at stake for DACC, but we have the opportunity to get additional advice.  Have any ideas, please let Fred know.

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7 - Announcements

Andy noted December 4 is the Celebration of Student Excellence & Leadership and December 18 is the White Elephant.  Per Mary Beth, this will be held at East Mesa.

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Fred reminded the group that his office usually produces enrollment (credit) reports and dashboards.  If you would like to be added to the list to receive, please let him know.

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Bernie noted the 10-minute plays run today and tomorrow starting with 5:00 p.m. dinner.

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Andy noted Happy Holidays to All!!

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Meeting End Time

11:30 a.m.


Next Meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8, 2014, 10:00 a.m.