Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10:00 a.m., ACR


PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, Robin Roberts, Meg Haines, Susana Rodriguez, Mozella Garcia, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Brad Mazdra, Larry Sharp, Ken Tellez, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, John Walker, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Becky Orduñez, David Twitty

GUESTS: Mary Beth Worley for Fred Lillibridge, Claudia Hadley for Fred Owensby, Geri Martinez for Gladys Chairez


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Meeting Start Time

10:02 a.m.


Dr. Huerta noted a good day to everyone.  Drs. Huerta and Chieffo attended NMSU’s Convocation.  Dr. Huerta noted there were mixed reviews on the singing of the DACC song at our convocation.  She noted the Aggie fight song was sung at the NMSU Convocation.  Dr. Chieffo added there were actually two songs sung.  Dr. Huerta noted Mr. David Burleson was recognized as the Roush Award recipient.  This is the first day of school and our enrollments are up again.  Ms. Worley noted headcount is up 8% from last year and FTE is up 6% from last year.

Informational Item

1 – Approval of the Minutes of November 7, 2007 – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the minutes of November 7, 2007.  Are there any changes?  No changes.  Mr. Ledesma moved to approve the minutes of November 7, 2007.  Ms. Robin Roberts seconded the motion.  All were in favor, the motion carried.

The minutes of November 7, 2007, were approved.  Irene will post on web.

2 – Moratorium on Personnel Actions  – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta asked the group to look over the memo she received at NMSU’s Administrative Council meeting on January 8.  The memo is in regards to a moratorium on personnel actions.  Dr. Huerta did ask if this included the community colleges.  It does.  The college does fall under this same policy.  We can proceed with exceptions.  Exceptions for faculty will go to the Provost and exceptions for staff will go to Ms. Anna Price.  Mr. Burke noted the college had identified replacement positions that were going to be requested under exceptions.  The University wants to move to a smaller, well paid workforce.  We will work through this.  Dr. Huerta noted you can ask for exception through the chain of command.  For urgent positions, please let us know.  They will be considered.  Ms. Aguilera-Goerner asked if this would affect the budget process.  Mr. Burke noted it may.  Mr. Welch noted since Ms. Linda Swain was retiring and her last day is February 29, he would like to advertise and fill.  Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Welch should work with his respective line.

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3 – New Cell Phone Policy  – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted her appreciation to Ms. Brooks for sending out the policy on cell phones.  This was the policy Dr. Michael Hites brought to Admin Council at the end of last year.  Ms. Brooks noted she had sent the new cell phone policy to all current cell phone users.  If you have already done the paperwork, please send her copies.  If not, please fill out the form, get director approval, and send to our Business Office.  The Business Office will get any other signatures needed and then process the form.  Ms. Brooks noted employees will have to determine an allowance they will receive from NMSU to help cover their business use.  Please use your existing cell phone plan and usage to determine allowance.  The allowance should not cover the entire bill, it should cover business use.  Set amount and we can always reevaluate.  Mr. Burke noted employees cannot claim a larger allowance than their cell phone contract.  If you do, you will be contacted.  Ms. Hadley asked if there was a minimum amount.  Ms. Brooks noted the amount should be decided by the employee and his/her supervisor.  It needs to closely match what’s appropriate.  Mr. Ledesma noted he had looked at plans and minutes at Verizon.  Their plans are really good.  Dr. Huerta noted there is a 60 day transition period.  Ms. Brooks added after the 60 days, all cell phones will be cancelled.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact Ms. Brooks.

If you have any questions on the new cell phone policy or have problems, please contact Ms. Kelly Brooks.

4 – Inventory – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta noted the college was in a better position this year.  The first review is due January 29.   Dr. Huerta noted there were 4-5 departments in Health that have yet to do the first review and she has already spoken to Mr. Pearse.  Dr. Huerta appreciates the work already done.

Informational Item

5 – Performance Appraisals (Exempt and Non Exempt Staff) – Ms. Gleason

Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Gleason for an update on performance appraisals for exempt and non exempt staff.  Ms. Gleason noted she had already started to put packets together and will get them out at the next Admin Council meeting on February 1.  We will not wait for information from NMSU.  The college will stay more inline with the true meaning of appraisals.  It worked very good last year when we first started on that.  It is a good idea to continue.  The management type system is not happening again.  For employees making under $30,000, they will receive the 5% increase automatically.  For those over $30,000, they will receive a 70/30 split.  Ms. Brooks noted the 70/30 split will be done at the department level.  Mr. Ledesma asked about the employees that have a needs improvement appraisal.  Ms. Gleason noted that would need to be looked at.  Dr. Huerta added that she and Ms. Gleason have been discussing our past tendencies to give high scores.  This leaves no room for improvement.  Please make sure to carefully rate employees.  Training, if needed, can be arranged.  Ms. Gleason noted the training has not changed since last year, but will be happy to set up training.  Please let her know.  Dr. Huerta asked about the deadline.  Ms. Gleason noted the deadline would be March 15.  Dr Huerta added more information would be given at the February Admin Council meeting.

Performance appraisal packets will be given at the next Admin Council meeting (February 1).

6 – Spring 2008 Credit Enrollment Updates – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Chieffo noted the handout given contained information based on data Dr. Lillibridge sent out.  According to the last report, there was a 162 seat increase in B&I; a 235 seat increase in General Studies; a 79 seat increase in Health; and a 103 seat increase in Technical.   Ms. Aguilera-Goerner asked if this was impacted by the lift on the “0” courses.  Dr. Chieffo noted NMSU lifted the caps earlier than planned, but there was not much impact.  Dr. Huerta noted she had met with Dr. Walter Zahaki, Associate Dean in NMSU’s College of Arts & Sciences, to discuss their students not being able to take our courses; we are “One University.”  Mr. Ledesma noted the mistake was done by the Registrar’s Office on main campus.  Dr. Chieffo noted there was an increase at the centers.  These numbers are available on the dashboard.  Ms. Worley can add you to the list if you are not currently on it.  Ms. Worley explained the columns on handout.  She also noted the no-pay list had not been received.  Dr. Huerta asked what we were doing about this.  Mr. Ledesma noted an email was sent to all students.  Ms. Worley added she had asked for the code to recreate list, but she has not received a response.  Dr. Chieffo noted WebCT enrollment has increased 24.7%.  A discussion followed on retention rates and percentages.  Dr. Huerta noted Dr. Lillibridge was out of town and she will work with Ms. Worley to get additional requests.

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7 – Higher Learning Commission Update – Dr. Huerta

Dr. Huerta reminded the group there was one day left to give input on DACC’s self-study.  Please email Dr. Chieffo or Ms. SusanWood with your comments.  Dr. Huerta noted she had appointed 10 people to read entire self-study to edit grammar, flow, etc.  Mr. Tellez, Ms. Gleason, Ms. Morris, Mr. Mazdra, Dr. Carrica, Ms. Vicki Haggard, and Ms. Beckie Taulbee were part of this group.  Dr. Huerta noted she had met with Ms. Wood on the self-study.  Dr. Chieffo added the division deans and satellite directors read criterion 1-5, conclusions, and action plans.  Dr. Huerta noted our student government has added its mission statement.  Dr. Chieffo noted the last meeting received more student involvement.   She welcomes input.  Dr. Huerta handed out information cards that NMSU is giving out to everyone.  It contains information on the accreditation visit, process, etc. 

Please send input on DACC’s Self-Study to Dr. Chieffo or Ms. Susan Wood.

8 – Retroactive Withdrawal Process – Mr. Ledesma

Mr. Ledesma noted there are many student requests for withdrawals after the deadline.  A process for retroactive withdrawals has been completed and approved by Dr. Chieffo.  A handout with the procedures was given to the group.  All requests will need to go to Mr. Ledesma.  The student must have a compelling reason and supporting documentation.  There is no time limit.  This will have an impact on the student’s financial aid.  The requests will be done on a case-by-case bases and will be treated the same no matter the circumstance.  Mr. Ledesma will investigate impact on financial aid.  This process will better serve out students.  There are exceptions to the rules, but will not be announced to students.  Mr. Ledesma noted the division deans may initiate the process.  Dr. Huerta asked that the division deans share this information with their department chairs and program directors. 

Dr. Huerta would like the division deans to share the withdrawal process with their department chairs and programs directors.

9 – Suspension Process – Mr. Ledesma

Mr. Ledesma noted appeals for suspension go through DACC and not the Provost.  Mr. Ledesma provided a handout.   The student appeals to the CSSO through Ms. Becky Orduñez.  Students are given four chances to improve their academic work.  Please send students with questions on financial aid or academic progress directly to financial aid.  Dr. Huerta noted Dr. Cruzado and Dr. De Leon are looking at improvements and are providing their support in allowing DACC to make decisions.

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10 – Announcements / Other

Dr. Huerta noted she would bring updates to the next meeting on the Regional Educational Initiative (REI) which meshed the E2E Education to Employers initiative.  REI is looking at creating an early college high school (magnet high school).  NMSU wants to create the first early college high school at the Arrowhead Center.  We don’t know if this will benefit DACC’s dual credit program.  President Martin has committed DACC to .25 FTE towards a director of the initiative.   DACC’s Advisory Board would like this on their next board meeting agenda.  A discussion followed on the pros, cons, etc.  Dr. Huerta added the director should be hired by April 1.  Mr. Welch noted funding from the private sector will be looked at for other staff.

Informational Item

Ms. Worley noted NMSU was forming a Project Evaluation Prioritization Committee and the college has an opportunity to represent all community colleges.  DACC will need to decide.  The committee will prioritize requests given to ICT.  They will tell ICT the order requests will be filled.  A lot of requests will not impact DACC.  If no one on the college is on the committee, we will have no input.  Ms. Worley provided a handout.  Page two of the handout contains a list of proposed committee members.  Ms. Worley noted a lot of administrators are on the list.  Dr. Huerta asked when names would need to be submitted.  Ms. Worley answered within the next two weeks.  Ms. Allen asked if other community college reps were on proposed list.  Ms. Worley noted main campus only wants one person to represent the community colleges.  Dr. Huerta noted that person would need to be in contact with Ms. Allen.  Ms. Worley added the committee only prioritizes, it does not submit requests.  Ms. Pam Jeffries, assistant director, is the project manager.  Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Jeffries should talk to the Exec Team and the college will get back to her. 

Informational Item

Ms. Haines noted she had just returned from Phoenix where she received certification on Franklin Covey.  They can now offer five different seminars and they are looking at expanding.  Dr. Huerta noted there should be a future training for Admin Council. 

Informational Item

Ms. Morris noted the Library would be having coffee and donuts for students and staff on Tuesday, January 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at this campus and at East Mesa.  This is co-sponsored by Ms. Aguilera-Goerner, Ms. Nickerson, and Ms. Rodriguez.

Informational Item

Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted the AtD math refresher courses were a great success.  Certificates were awarded at a ceremony yesterday.  Dr. Shakir Manshad taught CCDM 103 at Gadsden and Dr. Ali Ahmad taught CCDE 103 at Sunland Park.  Also offered was OECS 110.

Informational Item

Mr. Burke noted budget requests are due February 1.  Both he and Ms. Brooks are meeting with ALT on Friday, 1:30 p.m. in the ACR.  They will talk about the process and answer any questions.  Dr. Garcia asked if the $7.30 tutor increase should be added to the budget requests.  Mr. Burke noted the increases are usually built in.  He can meet with her to discuss since this is a large amount.

Budget requests are due February 1 to Mr. Burke (through the appropriate Officer).

Dr. Huerta asked the group to pick up CCSSE information with Irene.  DACC is mentioned on pages 7, 12, and 19.  Dr. Huerta wished everyone a wonderful semester. 

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Next Meeting

Friday, February 1, 2008, 10:00 a.m., ACR


Meeting End Time

11:35 a.m.