Friday, April 7, 2006
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Corina Gardea, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Anna Chieffo, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, Carolyn VanderGiesen, Fred Owensby, Erlinda Portillo, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Kathe Stark, Ben Altamirano, Larry Sharp, Susan Wood, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, Mary Sletten, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Bill Glenn, Susana Rodriguez, Kathy Reddington, Sylvia Calderon, Gladys Chairez

GUESTS: Jon Juarez for John Walker, Sharron Tamplen for Susan Roberts, Ken Tellez, ASDABCC - Dayna Panagrossi, Carlos Aguilar

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Meeting Start Time 10:07 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. She noted her and Sabine, a local artist who has donated art to DABCC, had just finished judging the entries in the DABCC Art Show.

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2 -Introduction of New Coordinator, Placement & Cooperative Education, Mr. Ken Tellez - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta introduced Mr. Ken Tellez who is the college's new Coordinator, Placement and Cooperative Education. Mr. Tellez noted he is starting with the Career Fair. He also plans to meet with the division deans and the department chairs/programs directors. Dr. Huerta added that Mr. Tellez has worked in industry and has also taught part-time for us. He has a good understanding of students and the student population. Mr. Tellez handed out poster to advertise the Career Fair on Wednesday, April 19, 2006, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Commons Area.

Dr. Huerta also introduced two new faces to this group who represent the Associated Students of DABCC: Ms. Dayna Panagrossi, Vice President and Mr. Carlos Aguilar, Public Relations. She noted she has been meeting with the officers monthly. The next meeting will be to discuss parking. Please note student elections will be held May 24-26.
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1 - Approval of the February 3, 2006, and the March 3, 2006 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the minutes of February 3 and March 3. Irene noted she had sent out the minutes late and asked that everyone look them over and give her any changes, additions, etc. by the end of next week. She will post on the web after next week. Please give Irene any changes. Irene will post on web after next week.
3 - Commencement, Friday, May 12, 7:00 p.m., Aggie Memorial Stadium - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta reminded the group that DABCC's commencement will be held on Friday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Aggie Memorial Stadium. Governor Richardson will be addressing the students. Dr. Huerta noted this year the Commencement Committee voted Mr. Roberto Estrada as the recipient of the first every honorary degree. Mr. Estrada was born and raised in Mesilla, graduated from Las Cruces High School, and in 1987 opened Roberto's Restaurant. He has been a great supporter of the college. Ms. Portillo noted that a reception following commencement will be held in Mr. Estrada's honor. Dr. Huerta noted it will be to celebrate Mr. Estrada. Faculty and staff will be invited to attend.

Dr. Huerta also noted that a message was sent out to everyone that commencement would be held on Friday, May 12. A student called the CEO office to notify us that he had never been informed of the change. Dr. Huerta asked everyone to please remind faculty to let students know.
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Please ask faculty to let students know commencement is Friday, May 12
4 - CSSO Position Update - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted the announcement for the Campus Student Services Officer position had been approved by main campus and it will be posted on our web site. The review of applications will begin on May 1. Dr. Huerta will be working on a committee. The committee will be represented by staff college-wide. Informational Item
5 - Catering Requests - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta reminded the group that all catering requests through the Store will need at least two weeks notice. It has been difficult to process the paperwork required on last minute orders. She also reminded the group to continue to act responsibly and be good stewards. Please be conscientious. Dr. Huerta would appreciate everyone's cooperation. Informational Item
6 - New College / First Year Scholars Program & DABCC Course Offerings - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted the New College/First Year Scholar Program has requested DABCC to offer our courses, our faculty at the main campus in support of the program. It is included in our Operating Agreement to support the New College. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted they have requested 300 seats for developmental English and developmental math. Dr. Huerta noted we would be looking at the budget and look for a balance to allow seats here but still offer on main campus. This will begin in the fall. Dr. Huerta noted this was a good partnership and it was good to work with main campus. Dr. Sharp noted these student would need to get student services at main campus. Informational Item
7 - Distance Learning Progress Report (Institutional Priority #5) - Ms. Morris Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Morris to give an update on Institutional Priority #5 - Distance Education. She will be asking each of the task force chairs to give an update to this group (#2, Dr. Chieffo in May, #4, Ms. Nickerson/Mr. Paulman in June, #3, Ms. Wood in May or June, and #1 in the Fall). These institutional priorities will fold into our Strategic Plan.

Ms. Morris referred to a Power Point presentation which included:
- Progress towards an on-line Associate of Arts Degree - courses currently on-line include English 111, Math 115, History 201, Music 101, CS 110, Chemistry 110, Math 120, Anthropology 101, Communications 265, Economics 251, and Psychology 201. There are 37 credit hours to the total core requirement for the AA on-line. The goal is to increase courses on-line by 10% each year with 61 courses by Fall 2008. We currently have 75.
- In the works, and coming within the next year, includes 18 more core credit hours in art appreciation, biology, government, philosophy, physics, and Spanish.
- There are currently 909 students taking on-line courses in the Spring 2006 semester (no overlap, counted once)
Ms. Morris asked the group to look at the handout she provided on "Snapshot of Progress on Distance Learning Strategic Plan - Institutional Priority Number 5." Ms Morris noted is was not easy to get actual numbers.
- New Mexico Virtual College has 50 DABCC courses listed as on-line. This is 25 over last semester. The Library Science degree is completely on-line.
- The Doña Ana Virtual Education (DAVE) website is up and running. This is a portal to assessment tools and technical information for students.
- There are 80 instructors trained on WebCT. We now have enthusiastic instructors in medical terminology, general education, support network, business math, resume, fire, and child & human growth.
- Work is underway on training modules. We need a process for more than WebCT training like assessment, intellectual property and copyrights. Mr. Richard Derouen and Mr. Oscar Quintela are currently in the process of developing.
- Assessment now includes the student survey of instruction on-line and will be further adapted to do a post course readiness addition for students to use as a tool.
- The Library is creating a prototype on-line tutorial for teaching basic research skills.
- The Technology Resource Center staff is developing a database of learning objects which will have tutorials, pathfinder, and guidelines to fulfill on-line tutoring services. Working with Ms. VanderGiesen on getting free access to WIN/Work Keys competency based resources. Ms. VanderGiesen noted it would be free and they are working on it.
- They are continuing progress on Virtual Student Services which will have basic services on-line either partially or completely. Mr. Ledesma noted student services will be enhanced by banner.
- They would like distance learning to be the focus for financial support when the college submits a Title V grant in March 2007.

Ms. Morris noted key challenges in the further development of distance learning:
1. develop and promote a cohesive plan that is embraced by all departments
- archive courses (B&I is a model)
- create course templates
- assessment of on-line environment
- create a way for dept. chairs/prog. directors to evaluate faculty on-line; create a rubric
2. DABCC does not have sufficient technical staff to assist faculty; this was what the committee felt this was needed most; more technical help to pull this off and develop

A small discussion followed on persistence rates, starting dates, specific training for technicians, federal compliance, access to students with disabilities, and getting student input. Dr. Huerta asked for a list of all on-line courses for Spring 2006 by Monday. She will present to the other Branch CEOs. Dr. Huerta thanked Ms. Morris and the committee for their hard work.
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Dr. Huerta asked for a list of all on-line courses offered Spring 2006 by Monday.
8 - 2006 / 2007 Proposed Budget - Dr. Huerta & Mr. Burke Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Burke to update on the proposed budget.
  • Tuition Increase - Mr. Burke noted there would a proposed 4% across the board increase in tuition from $45 to $47. The state will be taking a 3% tuition credit. The university is looking at close to a 10% increase. Our increase will supplement operations and new positions. Also, we will be selling a debt service bond to help with construction costs at East Mesa.

  • Salary Increase - Mr. Burke noted a proposed 4.5% increase will be taken to the NMSU Regents for approval.
  • New Positions - Mr. Burke noted the college would be proposing these new positions:

7 Faculty: computer tech, creative media, education, paramedic, law enforcement, math, and art
3 Exempt: student success tutor, grant writer, and human resources specialist
7 Non Exempt: business occupations tech, library secretary, technical studies secretary, dual credit secretary, network tech, East Mesa custodian, and security guard for central campus

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9 - Advertisement of New Positions - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted that in the past, we waited until our Advisory Board approved the budget to advertise new positions. This year, we will go ahead and advertise early. Dr. Huerta asked the division deans to get busy with the position announcements and also start getting committees formed. Dr. Gardea added time lines were established and May 15 will be the review date. Mr. Burke noted his thanks to the Budget Committee on the work they did and their recommendations. They did a good job. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted the announcements will be due on Monday. Ms. Nickerson asked when a final budget memo would be sent. Mr. Burke noted the goal to get out memo is the end of the semester.

Dr. Huerta noted the salary increase had been a discussion item at the NMSU Administrative Council meeting. They are considering using performance base for salary increases and possibly wait until next year. Dr. Huerta would like the college to reconsider and use performance base this cycle. She asked Dr. Gardea, the division deans, and Ms. Nickerson to please look at again. Mr. Burke noted this salary increase was the highest that it has been in several years. We have had a history of differentiating to some extent. We need to reconsider and align appropriately. Dr. Huerta noted that currently there is no incentive to do better, to go beyond. Ms. VanderGiesen asked that we also set up a professional route. Mr. Burke noted presently there was no way to differentiate for exempt and non exempt staff. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner voiced her concern that this had been discussed and that faculty have not been given notice. Ms. Nickerson also had concerns about people feeling blind sided. Ms. Brooks noted the culture of not doing this because of low salary increases. Now we can. Mr. Burke noted the university had passed along guidelines for salary planners and it was consistent with past history: non exempt 40% of base and exempt 30%. The deans on main campus are looking at 100% for faculty. Mr. Burke also noted that it had been done in the past depending on the CEO and the percentage of the salary increase. Mr. Juarez noted that if it had been done in the past, faculty were not notified. Dr. Chieffo added that she knew it had been done in the past when doing the base 10 printouts. Faculty are notified when they are given their salary by the division dean. Mr. Juarez would like a mechanism in place if we are to reward. Mr. Burke noted this was why we were discussing. He also noted that if we do not align and we need to something, there is no way to back it up. We are not consistent within the evaluation system to allow us to address those issues. Dr. Huerta will leave it to Dr. Gardea to discuss with division deans. Dr. Gardea asked for a due date. Mr. Burke noted soon. Dr. Huerta added the other branch campuses would be doing this. Mr. Burke noted the main campus deans will doing this also.
Dr. Huerta asked the division deans to start working on their position announcements.

Dr. Gardea and division deans will reconsider and discuss performance based salary increases for faculty
10 - Announcements Mr. Ledesma noted his excitement for commencement. There will be some challenges, but feels we will pull it off. Ms. Sylvia Calderon is retiring.

Ms. Panagrossi noted the ASDABCC officer attended a leadership conference in Washington, DC. They met with legislators who were in session and had the opportunity to analyze three things: adult basic education, work-study, and funding. They also got to hear Ralph Nader speak. Dr. Huerta noted that Mr. George Boggs from AACC addressed the students.

Dr. Sharp asked the division deans to encourage their faculty to volunteer for commencement.

Mr. Juarez thanked Mr. Burke for getting food services on the list for the next phase of East Mesa.

Ms. Portillo noted there is a city-wide effort to do a master calendar with the Visitor's Bureau of all events in Las Cruces. They will be trying to stop duplication and competition. Ms. Portillo also noted these events:
October 21 NMSU Homecoming
March 6-10 WAC Tournament
Sept. 14-15 Amado Peña Fund Raiser (confirmed, but not finalized agenda)
August 25 DABCC Golf Tournament (it was suggested by Provost Flores to use the NMSU Golf Course)

Ms. VanderGiesen asked about the use of annual leave for these events. Dr. Huerta suggested it be on next month's agenda. Ms. Portillo noted the dental community would like to have another fund raising dinner. We received another $5,000 to $6,000. The college has $15,000 to establish a scholarship. The Ad Hoc Committee will work on a scholarship for single parents. We can do an internal campaign for our employees to contribute to this scholarship. Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Portillo can give more details next month. Dr. Huerta also noted Ms. Portillo would be retiring in June.

Ms. Allen noted they were interviewing for the support analyst position in Computer Support (her old position) and also for a new computer technician.

Mr. Welch is working on the bridge program and a delegation from the Ukraine. Next month they will be hosting the WIA Youth Council. An additional $25,000 was received from WIA.

Ms. Nickerson noted they were in the mist of working on the budget which is due to the Higher Education Department by May 4. Because of an increase in enrollment, ABE will be receiving an additional $50,000. Both Ms. Nickerson and Ms. Aguilera-Goerner have been working on collaboration between Developmental Education and ABE which is part of the Lumina Grant. Ms. Nickerson also noted plans to purchase workplace literacy software to test for work readiness. The software is in both English and Spanish.

Ms. Morris thanked everyone for their participation in National Library Week. The college received a letter from Sunland Park Mayor Ruben Segura thanking us for our support and for donating the equipment. The Library website now includes a link to a Spanish library and also a link to Learning Express which is a testing center that includes practice tests and tutorials. Ms. Portillo noted Mr. Stephen Wolslager was impressed with our literacy program and asked that we apply for grant monies.

Dr. Gardea noted Ms. Olivia Diaz was retiring at the end of July. The nominations for the Stars of Excellence Awards are being forwarded to the Executive Team. The ceremony will be on May 9, 3:30 p.m. The Faculty Affairs Committee professional development day is scheduled for tomorrow.

Ms. Stark noted there are currently 46 vacant positions.

Ms. VanderGiesen noted her unit was working on:
- Department of Labor in Deming for a $40,000 contract to provide training
- Client Logic will be at the Workforce Center for a month working on a partnership for testing and managerial training; this is DOL funded
- SBDC and Customized Training are working on a loan presentation and she has asked Mr. Fred Owensby to take the lead
- Ms. Rosa Lopez is working with Ms. Kelly Brooks on a state funded grant which will taken out to Deming

Dr. Huerta asked Ms. VanderGiesen to give a MVEDA update at next month's meeting.

Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted work from her division included:
- Dr. Shakir Manshad is coordinating the links with the high schools in Math, English, and dual credit
- Ms. Kristina Gordon is working on accelerated classes
- Ms. Amy Garcia is coordinating the effort to receive NADE Certification in Math, Reading, and English
- Mr. Doug Layer is coordinating support for part-time faculty
- Dr. Paul Vonnahme is coordinating professional development for General Studies

Dr. Chieffo noted on April 13 MVEDA will be hosting an Economic Development Forum. On March 31, Dr. Chieffo, the division deans, and the department chairs met with Las Cruces Public Schools' Career Education Office instructors. There were about 60 people present. The Achieving the Dream report is due on April 30. There are eight questions the college will need to address. Ms. Susan Wood will be holding a session today at 12 noon on creating student learning outcomes. Dr. Chieffo also noted MDRC, the company contracted by Lumina to do site visit, will be on campus April 18-19.

Ms. Brooks noted banner would be down next week. Please have P.O.s done by Monday. Ms. Maria Martinez will retire at the end of May and Ms. Clorinda Barela will retire at the end of April. Retirement receptions are being planned.

Mr. Burke is working on the budget with Ms. Brooks and others. Please start thinking about equipment requests. There will be another facilities planning meeting by the end of the semester.

Dr. Huerta thanked Irene for recording the minutes.

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Please have purchase orders completed by Monday.

Please start thinking about equipment requests.

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Next Meeting Friday, May 5, 2006, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 12:02 p.m.