Friday, February 3, 2006
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Corina Gardea, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Anna Chieffo, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, Carolyn VanderGiesen, Susan Roberts, Susan Wood, Erlinda Portillo, John Paulman, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Fred Lillibridge, J.B. Carrica

GUESTS: Mary Beth Worley for Fred Lillibridge, Ben Altamirano, Sylvia Calderon, Gladys Chairez, Larry Sharp (note: student services and business office coordinators will join Administrative Council beginning with the March meeting)

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Meeting Start Time 10:04 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. She also welcomed the student services coordinators. Dr. Huerta noted the student services coordinators as well as the business office coordinators have been invited to become Administrative Council members beginning with the March meeting. Dr. Huerta noted the Administrative Council meetings was an opportunity to exchange information. The minutes of the meeting, once approved, are posted on our web page. Dr. Huerta encouraged the deans and the leadership to take the minutes and share with their areas. Please share this information. Dr. Huerta also noted if anyone would like to invite someone to sit on this group, please let her know. Dr. Huerta also noted she meets every month with the officers of ASDABCC and may invite them to attend these meetings. Dr. Huerta welcomed Dr. Corina Gardea and Mr. Ike Ledesma to their first meeting.

Informational Item
1 - Approval of December 2, 2005 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the December 2, 2005, minutes. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner moved to approve the December 2, 2005, minutes. Mr. Walker seconded the motion. All were in favor, the motion carried. December 2, 2005 minutes were approved. Irene will post on Web.
2 - News from NMSU - Dr. Huerta a) Legislative Lobbying
Dr. Huerta noted President Martin has sent out a memo on the chain of command in approaching legislators. NMSU's role is to represent the system. We are to notify main campus when we will make contact with any legislator or when we will be attending the session. Please let Dr. Huerta know and we will make sure main campus is aware. Mr. Altamirano asked if this only pertained to DABCC business. Dr. Huerta responded yes.

b) Branch Round Up - Alamogordo
This year's Branch Round Up will be held at Alamogordo. Dr. Debra Teachman, NMSU Campus Academic Officer, would like our feedback on possible dates for the Round Up. Please see handout and provide feedback. Mr. Ledesma wanted to know what the Branch Round Up was. Dr. Huerta noted is was a yearly event for the branch campuses to come together on common issues and professional development.

c) Proposed Title V Cooperative Grant - New College Initiative
Dr. Carmen Gonzalez from the NMSU College of Extended Learning contacted us to attend a cooperative planning meeting next week to talk about collaborating on a Title V grant to focus on the New College Initiative. Dr. Huerta will have more information at next month's meeting. Also, more information and updates on the Lumina Grant will be given.

d) Proposed Fee for Background Check on New Employees
NMSU is proposing a background check fee be assessed to the departments. All employees including students would be included. Mr. Burke noted a $35.00 fee would be assessed and he is hoping it would be just for regular employees. If other employees are included (500 employees), a lot of money would be needed. Mr. Burke added this was a federal kind of issue and is expected of universities. Mr. Altamirano asked if something would be included on the application and if there were guidelines. Mr. Ledesma asked if exempt staff would now be required to fill out an application. Mr. Walker asked when this would be implemented. Dr. Huerta noted it was still being worked on and she would update this Group. Mr. Burke noted it may be implemented in the next hiring cycle.

e) Exempt and Non Exempt Annual Evaluations
Dr. Huerta noted it was that time of year again for exempt and non exempt annual evaluations. They will be due to Ms. Kathe Stark on March 13 and to NMSU on March 15. Details and instructions will be forthcoming.

Please let CEO Office know when contacting Legislators or attending Legislature on DABCC business.

Review handout of possible Round Up data and provide feedback to Dr. Debra Teachman, Alamogordo.

Informational Item

Informational Item

Exempt & Non Exempt annual evaluations due to Ms. Stark on March 13.
3 - News from NM HED - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) sends out a newsletter. This is the newsletter Irene forwards to you by e-mail. The newsletter has good information, please review. Informational Item
4 - News from NMACC - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted the NMACC Officers are in the process of going through applications for the Executive Director position. Dr. Frank Renz will be retiring on June 30. The job will require lots of community college experience: background and mission. The Officers will interview next month and have someone on board as soon as possible. Dr. Renz has done a great job and it will be difficult to replace him. Informational Item
5 - Las Cruces Public Schools Bond Election - Dr. Chieffo The Las Cruces Public Schools will hold a bond election on February 7. Early voting ends this Saturday. Please go out and vote. Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that we will again be campaigning in two years. Informational Item
6 - DABCC Commencement Update - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted she and Mr. Ledesma will be attending a meeting with Vice President Ben Woods to discuss moving DABCC's commencement. We would like to hold commencement on Friday, May 12, 7:00 p.m. We have been in contact with the facilities personnel regarding the use of the stadium (Pan Am is still under construction) and have received verbal confirmation. We still need to finalize. Dr. Huerta noted discussions on moving commencement back to Fridays have been going on within the Commencement Committee. Dr. Huerta will notify everyone once it has been finalized.

Dr. Huerta also thought the college should look at awarding honorary degrees to community supporters. Please let her know of anyone you think is a strong supporter/advocate. Dr. Gardea asked about criteria. Dr. Huerta noted this was still being worked on.
Dr. Huerta will notify everyone when commencement date is finalized.

Please let Dr. Huerta know of anyone you this is a strong college supporter.
7 - Dental Hygiene Program - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted plans to have the first co-hort of students for the dental hygiene program would be Fall 2007. The hiring of a director will be soon. Please get on internet and look for HB 172 sponsored by Representative Garcia and SB 83 sponsored by Senator Garcia on more information on the funding for the dental hygiene program. New to the college will be our responsibility to do a bill analysis for any bill that will be going through the Legislature. This is a big change for us. Informational Item
8 - Las Cruces Sun News Article - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta referred to the article in the Las Cruces Sun News on January 23. She has received a lot of unsolicited input. The bigger issue was the enrollment but it was given less attention. Dr. Huerta did talk to both President Martin and Executive VP/Provost Flores in Santa Fe at Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe.

Dr. Huerta noted she, Drs. Gardea, Chieffo, Mr. Burke, and Mr. Ledesma will meet with Landor on February 15. Landor is the consulting firm NMSU hired for the branding initiative. There will be a college-wide meeting to gather input which is tentatively set for Tuesday, February 21, 3:30 p.m. There will also be a community meeting. The input gathered will be sent to President Martin. We will work to keep community college in the name. Please e-mail your input to Dr. Huerta. Ms. Portillo noted she had spoken to former Representative J. Paul Taylor and he suggested we get student input - what do the students want? Ms. Worley noted she overheard students talking about it after reading it on the bulletin board. Ms. Wood wanted to know if this would change the operating agreement. Dr. Huerta noted this would not change the operating agreement just approved. This has to do with marketing and using their logo more. Dr. Huerta noted the other three branch community colleges were happy with the change and wanted to be named NMSU-Alamogordo, NMSU-Carlsbad, and NMSU-Grants. She will work on getting their support. Ms. Roberts noted her father-in-law received his degree from Las Cruces Community College. She will bring in a copy of his degree to Irene. Dr. Huerta noted Dr. Marjorie Burr began a history of DABCC including how we were named. Dr. Huerta will distribute college-wide and gather input including updating the history to present day. A small discussion followed on the history.
Informational Item

Please e-mail your input to Dr. Huerta.
9 - New Program Proposals and Process for Submission - Drs. Huerta & Chieffo Dr. Huerta asked Dr. Chieffo to update the group on new programs and the process for submission. Dr. Chieffo noted she had given an update on new programs at Convocation which included: Associate of Science Degree (also being proposed at Grants) and Dental Hygiene which we expect to start Fall 2007 and hire a director in the next round of faculty hires. Dr. Huerta noted for clarification that this new director will report to Dean Sletten and not Ms. Martha McCaslin. Dr. Chieffo also noted a certificate for surgical tech was being looked at along with an associate. Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that new programs being looked at need to come to this group for discussion including budget impact and recommendation to the Executive Team. The Executive Team will approve or disapprove. Please make sure to plan in advance. Dr. Gardea added we needed to respond to the needs of the community and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We need to move quickly and move carefully. Ms. Wood asked where the Curriculum Affairs Committee (Doug Layer, Chair) would fit in the process. Dr. Huerta noted discussions have started and she will work with Dr. Chieffo. Ms. Morris noted these new programs also have an impact on library resources. It was noted that this was why bringing new programs to this group was important for discussion and impact to all resources. Dr. Chieffo noted Dean Walker was adding a certificate in paralegal studies and is also looking at changing the name. Dr. Chieffo added a formal process for new programs will be looked at and created. A small discussion followed. Dr. Chieffo is working on a formal process for proposing new programs and will be shared with this group.
10 - Proposal to Submit NSF Science, Technology, & Engineering Grant - Mr. Welch Dr. Huerta asked Dean Welch to update the group on an NSF grant his division is looking at. Dean Welch noted the grant deals with outreach and the aerospace technology degree. Our focus will be on small businesses for the space port. A discussion followed on the space port and companies planning to move here. Dr. Huerta noted this was for $500,000 over five years and is due February 10. There is one problem - NMSU wants only one submission and they want to submit the grant. Dean Welch noted it would go to NMSU and they will decide who will apply. Dr. Huerta suggested Drs. Gardea and Chieffo look into this. Mr. Burke asked what did NSF want and was this intended for new programs. Also, what will the grant fund in positions. Dean Welch noted an outreach position. A discussion followed on other high tech programs, accountability reporting, and graduation rates. Dr. Huerta will provide a copy to the Executive Team. Informational Item
11 - Budget Process and Time Lines 2005-2006 - Mr. Burke Dr. Huerta referred to the draft copy of the budget process. She reminded the group that building renewal and repairs requests are due to Mr. Burke on February 17. Ms. VanderGiesen asked if she would submit for the Workforce Center. Mr. Burke noted no requests will need to be submitted for both the Workforce Center and the Technical Building.

Mr. Burke noted the dates for gathering input are later than last year. Analyzing this year's budget has been a challenge. Not much room for flexibility. Mr. Burke is hoping to get out spreadsheets and integrate for the divisions. The following dates will be used for the budget process:
February 22 - Budget Requests due to Mr. Burke through appropriate Officer
March 10 - Budget Hearings
March 17 - Mr. Burke will provide feedback from the Budget Hearings

These are fairly firm time lines. The differential pay for courses taught at satellites and those taught as distance ed courses have all been brought up. Mr. Burke is considering requesting an increase in student debt service fee. The current fee is $5.00 with $1.00 going to student government and $4.00 to the debt service. We would increase it to $6.00. Mr. Burke considers this a priority. Major issues that we need to set aside money for include a $100,000 increase in electricity and $60,000 - $70,000 increase in property insurance. We also have furniture and equipment needs. A discussion followed on licensing for distance education, ITAC, and summer overloads and compensation. Dr. Huerta noted that no division will submit over $250,000. We will keep it like last year. Please be realistic about what we can and can't do.
Building renewal & repair requests due to Mr. Burke by March 17.

Budget requests due February 22. Budget hearings will be March 10. Feedback from budget hearings will be March 17. Please be realistic about what we can and can't do.
12 - Fall 2006 Schedule Dr. Huerta referred to budget memo that states no overall division schedule increase should be more than 10% over previous years. Mr. Burke noted Ms. Kelly Brooks is on maternity leave and there is little confusion on what the 10% rule is. One of the questions is actually offered or attended. Mr. Burke's recommendation is what was actually offered (made). Manage class sizes on an actual basis and you will see money free up. It won't be possible in every program. Dr. Huerta suggested getting information on enrollment from the DABCC Factbook or Mary Beth. The budget was over $200,000. Dr. Huerta has asked Dr. Gardea to work with division deans on this and make it a priority. Ms. VanderGiesen asked if the Budget Committee would remain the same or would she select someone. Dr. Huerta noted there would be two faculty from each division and seven other people from college wide. Dr. Huerta will make the appointments and all units will be represented.

Dr. Huerta reminded everyone of calendar items on the agenda. The next meeting of this group is March 3.

Ms. Morris noted the new Student Literacy Magazine would have readings on February 22 from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. in the Commons Area. Lunch would be provided from Andele's. On February 15, introduction to "Learning Express" will be held.

Ms. VanderGiesen gave the group a few updates including:
1. Initiating a large contract with the City of Las Cruces in the amount of $35,000. It will be presented to the City Council on Monday.
2. Project Eldridge is moving forward and they will be partnering with us. This will allow us access to resources. They will be hiring 600-700 people.
3. Project WINN is the workforce development certificate. Rose Lopez and Jerry Welch are involved and working in partnership with the Governor's Initiative. This certificate will allow employers to know the employee is work ready.

Ms. Wood noted Faculty Council has amended the constitution and they will now have a constitution and by-laws. Faculty would like a few minutes during convocation to encourage attendance at the Faculty Council meeting in the afternoon. As Ms. Wood's new role as the assessment coordinator she would like to get on agendas for the department chair and dean's meetings. She would like to present and get input. Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Wood will report to Dr. Chieffo in her role as assessment coordinator. Ms. Wood noted the PIF was almost done. She would like to encourage the deans to look at her e-mail and encourage deans to see what's missing. Dr. Huerta noted we needed to have student learning outcomes for all programs. Ms. Sletten and Mr. Welch please get those in no later than Wednesday, February 8. Ms. Wood noted this was only for degree programs.

Mr. Welch noted the Skills Bowl Competition would be held on February 16. The students will arrive about 9:00-9:15 a.m. with a welcome before competition.

Dr. Chieffo noted a delegation from Spain would be on campus on February 9 at 9:30 a.m. in the ACR.

Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted a goal for Achieving the Dream in her division included seeking to be NADE (National Association of Developmental Education) certified in English, math, and reading.

Dr. Chieffo added the Career Fair will be held here at DABCC this year. Also, the statewide common core of 35 credits accepted at all institutions have been added to the catalog.

Ms. Worley reminded everyone about the Valentine's Day Dance on February 17. Siempre Band will provide the music.
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Next Meeting Friday, March 3, 2006, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 12:09 p.m.