Friday, February 4, 2005
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Anna Chieffo, Fred Lillibridge, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly McGetrick, Susan Roberts, Rebecca Kongs, Anna Dyson, Carolyn VanderGiesen, John Paulman, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Bernadette Montoya, Fred Lillibridge, J.B. Carrica, Erlinda Portillo

GUESTS: Valerie Pickett for Bernadette Montoya, Kelly Brooks, Paul Cline

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Meeting Start Time 10:07 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. The bond passed. Dr. Huerta thanked everyone for their support. She appreciated everyone's hard work. Now it's time to move forward. There will be a thank you ad in the Las Cruces Sun News and the Bulletin.

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3 - Good News - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted there were lots of good news.

1) Kathe Stark, the new human resources specialist, will start on Monday, February 14. She will be invited to the next administrative council meeting to be introduced.

2) Dr. Lillibridge has been voted as the vice president of the Association of Institutional Research Board of Directors.

3) Dr. Huerta, Mr. Burke, and Ms. Portillo attended a banquet for the Doña Ana Historical Society. Our East Mesa Campus received the "Building Adhering to Regional Architecture" award.

Ms. VanderGiesen noted the Santa Teresa One Stop will be operational through June. Dr. Huerta added the Department of Labor is partnering with us.

Ms. Roberts noted they were now in the new building.

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2 - CEO Report - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta referred to handout which listed the Senate and House bills that effected NMSU and/or DABCC. Dr. Huerta suggested everyone look over and find out what is going on. Good reading. Informational Item
1 - Approval of January 7, 2005 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked the group to look over the January 7 minutes and let Irene know any changes. Look over January 7 minutes & let Irene know any changes.
3 - Good News - Dr. Huerta Continued Dr. Huerta continued with the good news on the bond. She referred to the article in the Las Cruces Sun News and the unofficial election results from Doña Ana County.

Dr. Huerta noted she had asked Ms. Sletten to bring the SIM (simulated) man to administration council for a brief demonstration. Ms. Sletten introduced Mr. Paul Cline, who she asked to do the demonstration. Ms. Sletten noted the SIM man was purchased for $35,000 and he can be used in most programs in the Health Division. Mr. Cline noted the SIM man could be set up to respond to different medical scenarios and he is physiologically correct. A brief demonstration followed.
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4 - Banner Update - Ms. Brooks Dr. Huerta asked Ms. Brooks to give the group an update on Banner. Ms. Brooks noted we were in the process of getting all part-time faculty into the system and working to get them paid on February 15. Ms. Brooks recognized each administrative secretary and their hard work in getting information in. They dealt with many issues in a conversion that was not easy. Mr. Walker asked if anyone was having problems with mini semesters. Ms. Brooks noted there were problems but were being worked on. There is still time sheet reporting issues and "approvers" issues being worked on. Today is the last day to approve. Please call her if you have any problems.

Mr. Burke acknowledged Ms. Brooks stepping in without our human resources person. She has gone above and beyond (applause by everyone). We tried to made interventions as we went through the system and we are still learning. It will take time to sort through. We have a commitment from Payroll to identify and cut manual checks when needed. Our commitment is to pay everyone on February 15. This process will be handed over to Ms. Stark and Ms. Brooks will stay actively involved. Ms. Sletten thanked the administration including Dr. Huerta, Mr. Burke, and Ms. Brooks for their efforts. A small discussion followed. Ms. Brooks also acknowledged our Personnel Office who worked very hard.
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5 - Leave Process - Mr. Burke Mr. Burke noted we had not really focused on the leave process. In the past, we (personnel/payroll) accepted leave requests on paper and we did the calculation of leave. With the implementation of Banner, we will not do that anymore. The Banner system will do this now. What are we going to do internally? Reporting will be through banner and we may in the future, as we learn more, pull reports for managers to review leave. As far as leave requests, we need to make a decision what we want to do as a college. Mr. Burke would like the system to do and not use paper. We could help employees if they have problems or questions and have Ms. Stark do training in the future. In the meantime, each area should decide what to do with leave approvals. Dr. Huerta noted she wanted written communication whether by e-mail or leave request forms from her reporting areas. Mr. Burke suggested each unit should decide their preference and in the future, the college should have a process. A discussion followed on requesting leave on Banner, policy, and advance notice. Ms. Brooks recommended everyone be aware of the deadlines and make sure you go in and approve. Each area/unit should decide what to do with leave approvals. Please be aware of the deadlines and make sure you go in and approve.
6 - Budget Process/ Allocation - Dr. Huerta & Mr. Burke Dr. Huerta referred to memo on the budget process and reminded everyone to look at dates. Budget requests are due February 18 and the all day Budget Hearings are scheduled for March 4. Dr. Huerta will put together a Budget Committee and they will be involved in the process. The committee will have representatives from across the college. She will meet with committee prior to March 4.

Mr. Burke noted that the February 18 deadline for budget requests is a requirement if we are to have hearings on March 4. He referred to handout regarding the budget process.
1. This afternoon there will be a workshop for division deans, department chairs, and administrative assistants on budget and forms.
2 The college-wide budget committee should not be representative of people from this room. Key requests will go through you. This approach has gone smoothly.
3. Mr. Burke noted the established division request dollar limit is $250,000.
4. There are several built-in budget increases: a) communication lines up 25%, b) student salaries up 10%, c) travel allocations up 10%, d) main campus overhead, e) utilities up 5%, and f) part-time faculty pay schedule. Mr. Burke would like to have a discussion on this.
5. Course schedule increases up to 10% above the summer, fall, and spring.
6. The Legislature is currently proposing a 2% salary increase. The Regents could adjust depending on tuition recommendation.
7. The Legislature takes a credit toward tuition. A 2% increase in tuition per credit hour.
8. There will be approximately $1 million new money.
9. Allocation considerations include Title V positions at $300,000, new facilities coming on-line in Sunland Park and East Mesa, and course schedule increases which in 04-05 included math, apprenticeship, and health occupations.

Mr. Burke noted the budget process preview will give everyone an understanding of decisions and how it effects us.
Budget requests are due February 18.

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7 - Process for the Development & Initiation of New Programs - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted a process was very necessary. She will ask Dr. Chieffo and the Division Deans to work on a process to standardize and formalize. Ms. Nickerson asked about contracts. Dr. Huerta noted it would also be included. It is important to establish process so everyone is aware. Mr. Burke added that it was the communication and understanding of the impact of resources. Dr. Chieffo & Division Dean will work on a process to standardize & formalize the development & initiation of new program.
8 Web Issues - Ms. Kongs Ms. Kongs noted that Faculty Council voted she bring this to this group. Faculty Council is concerned with the college's overall web page look/presence. It was unanimously agreed that it needed to be changed and somehow addressed by a full-time web designer or a part-time web designer with students. Dr. Huerta noted it was a CEO Unit goal and was listed in the PRIP process. Informational Item
8 - Announcements Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that the PRIP Committee was meeting February 8 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. and the Border Learning Conference was February 10 - 11 at the Hilton. Ms. McGetrick noted the time change for the benefit enchilada dinner for Patsy on February 12. It's from 11:30 to 4:30. There will also be a silent auction and bake sale. Dr. Huerta asked if Ms. McGetrick could give an update on Patsy. Ms. McGetrick noted Patsy had been airlifted to UNM. Doctors there have ruled out surgery and are looking into radiation and chemo. Patsy is tremendously grateful for the donations and moral support. A discussion followed on medical costs and sick leave. Ms. McGetrick recommended we look at East Mesa and how to cover Library. Dr. Huerta noted our thoughts and prayers are with Patsy. Dr. Huerta continued with reminders of NMHEAR Conference on February 24-25 in Albuquerque and Community College Day in Santa Fe on February 21.

Ms. Kongs noted there is now an official Faculty Affairs Committee. They will address issues such as sabbaticals, release time, faculty awards, and professional development. Faculty Council is working on putting a Curriculum Affairs Committee to address advising, curriculum, and flimsies. They are also working on getting a representative from ABE. Ms. Kongs noted they have had two positive Faculty Council meetings in a row. She referred to flyer on Creative Media.

Ms. Sletten referred to handout on proposed dental hygiene associate degree program. The funding initiative came from NM Dental Association.

Ms. Dyson noted NMSU, through Luminus, will have a web page design. There will be templates in place that DABCC will have to follow.

Dr. Huerta suggested we talk about equipment requests in April.

Mr. Walker noted a program in health information management. Dr. Huerta would like him to bring to Administrative Council in April.

Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted the new Science Club is being advised by Mr. Paul Mason; Ms. Jessica Powers (English) was putting together events for Black History Month; there will be search committees set up for a position in English and one for the English/Communication Department Chair; and the College 101 curriculum will be revamped. Ms. Nickerson suggested they consider including ABC in revamping College 101.
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Next Meeting Friday, April 1, 2005, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Friday, March 4, 2005, All Day Budget Hearings, ACR
Meeting Ended 11:46 a.m.