Friday, January 7, 2005
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Bernadette Montoya, Fred Lillibridge, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly, McGetrick, Susan Roberts, Rebecca Kongs, Anna Dyson, Carolyn VanderGiesen Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Andy Burke, Anna Chieffo, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, J.B. Carrica

GUESTS: John Paulman

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Meeting Start Time 10:08 a.m.

Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. She noted that she and several staff had been to Sunland Park the night before to give a bond presentation to the Sunland Park community.

Informational Item
1 - Approval of December 3, 2004 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta asked everyone to look over the minutes and please let Irene know any changes. Irene has posted the Administrative Council minutes on the web page for September, October, and November. She will post December as draft until input from group. Informational Item
2 - CEO Report - Dr. Huerta a. Bond Election - Dr. Huerta showed the group the yard signs for the bond election. We will make sure and pass out. She also noted that the billboards were up. There is buttons for sale for $1.00 from John Walker or Kelly Brooks and screen savers will be available soon. Dr. Huerta distributed the bond brochure. More about the bond will be shared at Opening Programs on Monday. Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to let us know if they know of any groups that we should present to. Ms. Roberts asked if DABCC vehicles could be used to transport students to vote. Dr. Huerta noted yes, DABCC vehicles could be used to transport students to vote. Dr. Huerta also noted the Bond Steering Committee meets every Friday at 3:30 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.

b. Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe - Dr. Huerta noted the Las Cruces Chamber's Las Cruces Day in Santa Fe will be January 29-31 and today is the deadline for registration. Please let Irene know if you are interested in attending.

c. Hispano Chamber Day in Santa Fe - Dr. Huerta noted the Hispano Chamber would also be having a Day in Santa Fe. Please get information from Erlinda Portillo.

d. One University - Dr. Huerta referred to a button from the President. These buttons, which have
The Power of ONE UNIVERSITY, will be sent to all employees. The university would like one look. A discussion followed on the "one look," other campuses, colors, letterhead, and transcripts.
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Please let Irene know if you are interested in attending.

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Informational Item
3 - Good News - Dr. Huerta b. Carolyn VanderGiesen - Dr. Huerta announced she had asked Ms. VanderGiesen to be the Interim Campus Community & Workforce Development Officer. Ms. VanderGiesen has graciously accepted. She will serve until the position is filled.

a. CHE Career Technical Education Center - Dr. Huerta noted we had received notice a few days ago that we were finalist for the Career Technical Education Centers. We will present to CHE on January 19. Mr. Welch added this was a project in conjunction with Las Cruces Public Schools. The objective of the CHE's $10 million is to place middle college structures. We qualified for $810,000, which we will use to have a high tech, automated engineering pathway. We have support from the Engineering Department on main campus. Dr. Huerta noted this program will force us to work with the public schools. She also noted that CHE and NMACC are working toward more dual credits.

Dr. Huerta announced that Governor Richardson will visit our Gadsden Center on January 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Room 116 He will do a ribbon cutting for the Bridge Program. All are invited to attend. Mr. Welch noted all the students participating will be there. Ms. Nickerson suggested we invite the Southwest Board for good PR.

Dr. Huerta asked if anyone had good news items for her to announce at Opening Programs, please e-mail to her before day's end. Ms. Dyson noted the portal should be announced. Ms. Kongs noted graduates in graphics had been getting a lot of publicity in the newspaper.
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Please get good news items to Dr. Huerta before day's end.
5 - Marketing Update - Mr. Paulman Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Paulman to update the group on our marketing plans. Mr. Paulman referred to handout on progress of the marketing action plans. All the marketing action plans will be incorporated into the PRIP process and Dr. Lillibridge will need the plans by January 18. If you have not done so, please get your marketing action plans to Mr. Paulman ASAP. If you have not done so, please get your marketing actions plans to Mr. Paulman ASAP.
4 - University Transition Program (UTP) - Drs. Huerta & Montoya Paulman Dr. Huerta referred to the memo from Provost Flores regarding proposed changes to the University Transition Program (UTP). Main campus would like to revamp. Dr. Montoya noted the UTP was very positive and we had success fully transitioning 88 students. Dr. Montoya gave a brief history of the UTP. Provost Flores asked Institutional Research on main campus to review the UTP. We are trying to make it more positive by changing admissions letters on DABCC letterhead instead of NMSU letterhead. We will also be able to print those letters here. Dr. Montoya noted Mr. Paulman and Ms. Valerie Pickett were attending a meeting on main campus on the new brochures for UTP. She also noted if we were successful in getting the TRIO grant, we would be able to serve UTP students. Please read information provided, it is interesting information. Ms. Nickerson noted she had researched many institutions on their transition models from ABE to credit programs. She will share with Dr. Montoya and Ms. Pickett. Dr. Montoya noted Issue 3 would need work on if we truly are ONE University. Dr. Huerta will ask Drs. Chieffo, Montoya, and Ms. Aguilera-Goerner to respond. A short discussion followed. Ms. Nickerson will share info she has on transition models.

Dr. Huerta will ask Drs. Chieffo, Montoya, and Ms. Carmen Aguilera-Goerner to respond to memo from Provost Flores.
6 - Accreditation Update - Dr. Lillibridge Dr. Lillibridge noted he was still trying to form groups and is not getting many volunteers. We need more volunteers. There are three steps to becoming eligible for accreditation. He referred to handout on the Eligibility Process.

Step One - Interview (which has been waived for DABCC)

Step Two - Letter of Intent from Dr. Huerta, the fee, and a preliminary information form (which we have one year to do after submitting letter of intent and it should feed into the self study)

Dr. Lillibridge noted it would be expensive to do. After letter of intent and fee has been submitted, they will assign a staff liaison. After the staff liaison is appointed, we are no longer under NMSU for accreditation purposes. It will take two years to complete the self study. Dr. Lillibridge recommends we have the preliminary information form done before doing our letter of intent. Dr. Huerta noted this was very important for the institution and that both President Martin and Provost Flores were very supportive. Please get involved and get your staff involved.
Please get involved and get your staff involved. Volunteers needed.
7 - PRIP (Program Review & Institutional Planning) Update - Dr. Lillibridge Dr. Lillibridge attempted to give the group an idea of what the college is doing for planning priorities. He referred to the handout on the PRIP process and priority setting. The priorities will include getting input from various planning initiatives. The PRIP Committee Chair will draft a comprehensive list of potential improvement objectives based on the input received. The committee will review drafted objectives, suggest modifications and additions, discuss objectives and prioritize at the February 8 PRIP Committee meeting. The output will include a prioritized list of improvement objectives to be reported to the CEO. The CEO will consider PRIP input as DABCC operational priorities are established for resource allocation, action planning, and other purposes. Dr. Lillibridge noted that less than half of the PRIP action plans had been received. Dr. Huerta asked everyone to please get theirs to Dr. Lillibridge ASAP. They will be needed for planning purposes. Dr. Lillibridge would like the action plans approved and for someone to be assigned to get them done. He would like targets, something to measure. Dr. Lillibridge noted we would need for accreditation. Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Burke would be sending out budget information in the next few weeks. Both Mr. Burke and Ms. Brooks are available for training. Dr. Huerta thank Dr. Lillibridge for all his effort and work. Informational Item
8 - Announcements Dr. Huerta reminded everyone about Monday's Opening Programs. Dr. McPhail, Chancellor, Community College of Baltimore County, will be our speaker. He has implemented a successful learning college in his community college district.

Dr. Montoya noted at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Dr. McPhail will meet with Administration Council. It will be more of a question / answer meeting. Irene will send an e-mail to Administrative Council.

Mr. Welch noted 37 students were in the machining program. Also, Ms. Kongs is working with NMSU on a Creative Media Program.

Ms. Kongs noted Faculty Council was working on two priorities: 1) the ineffective, non productive committees; and 2) leadership training. They are also pushing for attendance at the Chair's Academy. A short discussion followed on the Academy.

Ms. Nickerson had an opportunity to attend the National Youth Forum (the CHE sent her as the K-12 post secondary representative). Action plans from the Forum were presented to the Governor. Ms. Nickerson also noted the Literacy Program was fully accredited.

Dr. Lillibridge appreciated the plug to NMHEAR. Next year it will come back here.

Ms. Sletten noted all her faculty had received SIM Man (Simulated) training. Mr. Paul Cline has been doing demonstrations. A short discussion followed on the training. Dr. Huerta suggested this group go through the training.

Ms. VanderGiesen noted the Santa Teresa grant ended December 31. Ms. Rosa Lopez will continue with Customized Training. Ms. VanderGiesen is working with Reese Fullerton, from the Governor's Office, for funds to stay in Santa Teresa at some capacity.

Ms. Dyson attended an NMSU ICT meeting. There are problems with The open labs will be open early and will be staffed to help anyone. The Library is already open. A short discussion followed. Ms. Dyson reminded everyone that non-exempt employees need to enter their leave or they will not get paid.

Ms. Roberts noted they have not moved into their new building. She will be setting up a meeting between CEO, Division Deans, and Dept. Chairs to include a tour of the new building and discuss plans for White Sands.

Ms. McGetrick noted several things: 1) the Distance Ed Retreat is Friday, January 28, 8:00 to 5:00 at the Clubhouse at NMSU Golf Course; 2) there will be a flyer at Opening Program introducing their new web site and portal; and 3) there will be Banner training for Dept. Chairs this afternoon in Room 272.

Mr. Walker noted Tax Help New Mexico has started again. There will be three centers: here, East Mesa, and Anthony.
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Irene will e-mail Admin Council on meeting.

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All non-exempt employees need to enter leave or they will not get paid.

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9 - Other none
Next Meeting Friday, February 4, 2005, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 11:52 a.m.