Friday, October 8, 2004
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Bernadette Montoya, Anna Chieffo, Mike Elrod, Fred Lillibridge, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rebecca Kongs, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Molly McGetrick, Anna Dyson

GUESTS: Marjorie Burr, Janie Pence (for Gladys Chairez), Mozella Garcia, Fred Owensby, Valerie Pickett, Larry Sharp, Kelly Brooks, Erlinda Portillo, John Paulman, Larry Cammack

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Meeting Start Time 10:00 a.m.
1 - Approval of September 3, 2004 Minutes - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta noted if there were no objections, minutes needed to be approved. All were in favor of approval. September 3, 2004, minutes were approved. September 3, 2004, minutes were approved.
2 - Local GOB Election February 1, 2004 - Drs. Huerta & Burr Dr. Huerta introduced Dr. Marjorie Burr. Dr. Burr will help coordinate our campaign for our Local GOB election planned for February 2005.

Dr. Burr passed information on the State GOB election in November. She reminded everyone it was important to support and vote for. Dr. Huerta noted Bond B and Bond C will both impact the college. Dr. Burr noted to be sure to look on ballot closely, the bonds may be hard to locate. Dr. Burr referred to a PowerPoint presentation. Several key notes included:

1) our overall strategy for winning: our message (enrollments, expanding access, support workforce development) and our strategy (not a quiet campaign, employees, students, clients voting yes, no new taxes)

2) what the $14 million will fund (renovations to central campus & workforce center, phase 4 East Mesa, phase 2 Gadsden, phase 1 Hatch, phase 1 Chaparral, facilities renewal, land acquisition, technology & equipment acquisition)

3) our plan to win includes participation and input from community leaders, focus groups, and a citizens for community college committee. If you think you know anyone who we might invite to the focus groups or who might be interested in the citizens for the community college, please let Erlinda Portillo know.

4) mass marketing including direct mail, print ads, radio & TV, billboards, yard signs, and t-shirts.

Mr. Burke noted the citizens group also would do fund raising for the campaign. We cannot use State monies. We will also ask donations from employees. We would need to raise $15,000 to $20,000.

5) personal messages including speakers bureau, door-to-door, testimonials, count on me coupons, and our college leaders meeting with editorial boards. In January, we will concentrate on presenting to civic groups/organizations. Please let Erlinda Portillo know of any groups/organizations you belong to or know of that we can present to.

Dr. Huerta noted that some of you may be asked to make presentations. Dr. Burr noted we will have an All College Campaign event in January. We will have voter registration. The message will be spread at the satellites and learning centers. Dr. Burr is open to how to reach part-time faculty. It was suggested she contact Winston Comer. Dr. Burr noted an internal steering committee would be formed. This committee will coordinate and will meet often. Part-time faculty, program advisory committees, and satellites will also be involved. Banners and receptions at the satellites was suggested. We will also get students involved with voter registration, door-to-door, car pool to vote, and they will be invited to the All College event.

Dr. Burr noted the campaign will be funded by contributions from our faculty, staff, vendors, community leaders, and businesses. Those of us who will benefit should also contribute. Fund raising makes people vested. A discussion followed on fund raising including buttons and t-shirts. We need to educate people.

Dr. Huerta referred to time line for bond campaign and asked anyone with information or anything else to please call Dr. Burr.

Vote November 2

If you think you know anyone who we might invite to the focus groups or who might be interested in the citizens for the community college, please let Erlinda Portillo know.  Please let Erlinda Portillo know of any groups/organizations you belong to or know of that we can present to.
3 - General Education & DABCC - Drs. Huerta, Montoya, Chieffo, Ms. Aguilera-Goerner Dr. Huerta had a meeting with Drs. Montoya, Chieffo, Ms. Aguilera-Goerner, Mr. Piña, and Ms. Alden regarding general education. Dr. Flores has opened the gate: any student can take any general education course at any campus. Dr. Chieffo continued and referred to draft memo from meeting. In their discussions, it was decided that DABCC students be given first chance at our general education courses. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted some concerns including having consistent procedures and that we make sure to implement same processes and procedures. We also need to make sure the message gets across to everyone including main campus. Dr. Montoya noted that all "G" ending courses are general education courses. For this Spring semester, the plan will be to zero out the "G" courses and have our students have add slips signed by appropriate advisors. This will be done until Friday, January 7. At that time, all "G" ending courses will be available to everyone. The satellite centers, except East Mesa, will stay as is now. Dr. Chieffo suggested we go through the seven item plan in the memo. A discussion followed on financial aid and OE prefix. Dr. Montoya noted the schedule would need to be redone. Dr. Chieffo added communication is very important. Informational Item
4 - UNO (Banner) Project - Mr. Burke, Ms. Brooks Mr. Burke noted some of you might have seen e-mails related to the UNO Banner Project. This will be a significant thing. The University made the decision to convert. Mr. Burke thanked Ms. Brooks who has been doing all the detailed work. We have organized the system on who will need training.

Ms. Brooks continued with the three types of training that will be done: 1) HR system, 2) Banner Navigation (everyone can attend this one), and 3) Hiring Process (dept. secretaries, business staff). Another training for time and leave reporting will affect everyone. Ms. Brooks will coordinate this training at DABCC. The system will be user friendly.

Mr. Burke noted we have been asked to formulate templates for approvals for the time/leave entry. This system will go on-line in January. Employees, starting in January, will need to enter time/leave on the system. Various people will then need to go in and approve. No approval, no pay. They will try to simplify. A discussion followed on leave accounting, pay periods, faculty pay, and temporary employees. Ms. Brooks noted another impact will be monthly reports. They will be delayed and the close date will change.
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5 - Facility Update - Mr. Burke Mr. Burke noted he and Dr. Huerta had already made five presentations of the facilities master plan.

Phase 5 of East Mesa is number five on the CHE capital outlay recommendations for the upcoming Legislative session. It should be on the 2006 Statewide GOB.

One bid was received for Ease Mesa and it was a little over. A re-bid will be this week. We should know by next month. Mr. Burke referred to handout of parking and floor plans for East Mesa. The site plan will be due East of existing building. It will be a 16,000 sqf, two story building.

Mr. Burke is working on securing design services for renovation work at workforce center. Regardless if bond passes, all principals will get together.

October 1 was the deadline for the building renewal request process.

Several general classrooms will be re-carpeted during Christmas.

Mr. Burke noted Mr. Larry Cammack will be retiring at the end of January.
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6 - FIPSE Grant - Dr. Elrod Dr. Elrod gave brief information on an opportunity for DABCC to apply for a FIPSE grant. The pre-application is due November 3, 2004 with the final application due March 22, 2005. The grant would be for approximately $200,000 for three years. We are well suited if there is interest with deans and faculty. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted Dr. Rita Gonzalez has some ideas. Informational Item
7 - Announcements - Dr. Huerta Dr. Huerta encouraged everyone to attend the Economic Summit on October 14. Dr. Elrod noted they were approaching 250.

Ms. Portillo noted this is the first year we are doing a real push on Homecoming for our alums. It will kickoff our Alumni Chapter. There will a Distinguished Alumni Reception on October 30, 11:30 a.m, in the Commons Area. An alum tailgate party will be held before the game. NMSU will put out names of our distinguished alumni and they will be treated as college alums.

Ms. Portillo reminded everyone about the Danny Villanueva breakfast on October 28.

Dr. Huerta noted the marketing consultants would be here October 18 & 19 for a 2-day workshop.

Ms. Kongs noted Faculty Council will be doing leadership team development. Next month they will have non violent communication training. All officers are very involved and will attempt to deal with some of the issues with faculty. Others beside faculty will be invited.

Vote November 2.
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Vote November 2.
Next Meeting Friday, November 5, 2004, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 11:46 a.m.