Friday, September 3, 2004
10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Bernadette Montoya, Anna Chieffo, Mike Elrod, Fred Lillibridge, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Mary Sletten, John Walker, Jerry Welch, Molly McGetrick, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rebecca Kongs, Irene Montoya (recorder)

ABSENT: Sylvia Nickerson

GUESTS: Gerald Burke, Donnie Gonzalez

Agenda Item



Meeting Start Time 10:06 a.m.
1 - Purpose, Membership, Meeting Dates & Times (Dr. Huerta) Dr. Huerta welcomed and thanked everyone. One of the purposes of the Administrative Council is more communication. Dr. Huerta would like issues brought to this group to discuss and make recommendations to the Executive Team. She would like the group to think about maybe expanding the group. The Council will meet the first Friday of every month at 10:00 a.m. in the ACR. The minutes, once approved, will be posted on the Web. Dr. Huerta asked everyone to introduce themselves to the guests. Informational
2 - GOB Elections

a. State (Dr. Burke/Mr. Gonzalez)
Dr. Gerald Burke gave a brief history of the higher education GOB. In the past, the best way to pass GOBs was to say nothing until 2-3 weeks before. It failed miserably. Because of that failing, the university presidents decided to organize a GOB campaign and raise money for the campaign. This year $160,000 will be the institutional goal and the committee would raise more money. The Lottery has given $10,000, Dain Rauscher $5,000, and $15,000 from other underwriters. The challenge this year is that things have changed. Other GOBs included money for public schools. The public schools are not on this bond. Of the $94.6 million, $3.5 million will go to East Mesa Center and $80,000 for infrastructure. Dr. Burke would like us to 1) inform faculty, staff, and students; 2) work closely with public schools; and 3) present to service clubs. Dr. Burke noted in Doña Ana County 34% people voted early, in Bernalillo 61.2% voted early, and in Santa Fe 45% voted early. The State Department of Education Secretary will be sending a letter to the public school superintendents asking for support. Dr. Huerta noted she would meet with the three superintendents from DA County. Rick Johnson & Associates will be doing the advertising.

Mr. Donnie Gonzalez noted they have a web page: Information will be available on the web page to use at presentations, etc. Ms. Paula Pruitt from NM Loans is helping the committee. She can be reached at (505) 345-3371 ext. 1373, 1-800-279-5063, or at If she's not available, we can talk to Pam at same number but ext. 1375.

Mr. Burke noted a good chunk of money will go to NMSU. General Studies would also get money. We need to get faculty to go out and support. Internally, NMSU will put a committee together. Dr. Lillibridge noted the election was the same as the national election. Mr. Burke also noted the bond would be on the ballot last. Mr. Gonzalez noted he could be reach at 650-4105 (cell) or at He also noted Dr. Marjorie Burr is helping him. Dr. Burke noted he was in the directory under emeritus. Mr. Gonzalez noted state monies could no be used to promote. Dr. Burke added to ask Rick Johnson for anything questionable. A small discussion followed.

The Local GOB Election agenda item will be moved to the October 8, 2004, meeting.
Dr. Huerta will meet with the three superintendent in Doña Ana County for their support.

3 - Grants

a. Trio, Bridges Partnership Project (Dr. Montoya)

b. COPC, Kellogg (Dr. Elrod)

c. Manufacturing Tech Bridges Project (Mr. Welch)

d. Lumina (Dr. Elrod, Ms. Aguilera-Goerner)

e. Title V (Drs. Huerta, Lillibridge)
Dr. Huerta noted she had asked several staff to update the group on grants.

Dr. Montoya noted a Trio Grant had been submitted online. Drs. Elrod, Lillibridge, Ms. Aguilera-Goerner, Ms. Brooks, and Ms. Silva all helped put together. We won't know anything until May. The first year is for $220,000 and would be for the UTP population. Last year 448 students were served and 11% transitioned to main campus. We will be moving forward with or without grant. Dr. Montoya will keep group posted.

In cooperation with Las Cruces Public School, we will apply to be a Bridge Partner. The League for Innovation program is a goodwill program that involves no monies. We will partner with one school's 10
th grade students to prepare them in Math, English, and Compass testing. The goal is to have no remedial education when they get here after high school.

Dr. Elrod recently completed two grants. The US HUD COPC (Community Outreach Partnership Centers) Grant which focuses on the Anthony Berino area. It will create stronger small businesses, entrepreneurs, and home based businesses. There is a lot of interest in the opportunity. The $400,000 over three years grant will allow hiring of SBDC counselors. Notification is somewhere around October 1.

The Kellogg came about quickly and we were asked to partner. The grant is for $2 million over three years. The collaboration would be with private and public organizations. We have been asked to be the lead organization to oversee grant but we will not be the fiscal agent. It will cover a four county region: Doña Ana, Luna (Deming), Sierra (TorC), and Hidalgo (Lordsburg). This grant would expand on SBDC model and would require a lot of staffing. We should hear by January if we were awarded with monies awarded in March or May.

Mr. Welch noted the manufacturing project started with a group of manufacturers in the region. The project will start with high schools in the Gadsden School District. Senator Bingaman helped to push this through. The project includes machine training to students at Gadsden and Sunland Park. The students are bused to the centers. They can earn up to 18 credits which can be applied towards a two year degree and then work towards a four year degree in the College of Engineering. The project is funded by Perkins for $146,000. Next year we are earmarked for funds from Senator Bingaman to provide training here at this campus. Possibility of taking training to Hatch. It will be used as a template for all projects for concurrent enrollment with high schools. A small discussion followed on resources.

Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted we had received a $50,000 planning grant from Lumina. There is a potential for $450,000 for next three years. The committee has regular monthly meetings. Dr. Elrod added a college wide inventory on best practices would be done. Dr. Lillibridge noted work on performance indicators was also being done. Our existing database may be able to answer some questions. April is our deadline to complete.

Dr. Lillibridge referred to handout, Future of Title V. We, in all likelihood, will not be eligible to apply. He does not think the two year wait rule will be repealed. There has been preliminary discussions on applying for the Cooperative Grant. It's highly competitive, not many awarded, eight nationwide. Pretty good deal if we get, but would require a lot of work. Dr. Lillibridge noted at the federal level, feet were being dragged in awarding grants. Dr. Huerta suggested the group discuss. Dr. Montoya noted our RG students are a high risk group that we share with NMSU and we could collaborate with main campus. It's an identified group. Dr. Huerta added we have a good angle and it would be beneficial to both DABCC and NMSU. She would be willing to talk to main campus. Dr. Lillibridge noted it was a big group of 1,500 students (25% of our students). Dr. Huerta asked for opinions. A small discussion followed. It was agreed it was worth pursuing. Dr. Huerta noted we would look into it.





Dr. Huerta will look into pursuing.
4 - Accreditation Status Report (Drs. Huerta, Chieffo, Lillibridge) Dr. Huerta has met on weekly basis with Drs. Chieffo and Lillibridge. She asked them to do research on seeking separate accreditation. Dr. Chieffo noted DABCC will seek separate accreditation. We are still trying to determine if we meet the criteria for AQUIP. We would need to meet five criteria. Dr. Montoya asked if we could apply for AQUIP without being accredited separately. Dr. Lillibridge noted it was political at this point and the president (NMSU) can make a deal. Dr. Huerta noted we would be meeting with main campus people. Dr. Chieffo referred to handout on initiatives going with learning college. Both Drs. Chieffo and Lillibridge are Board Examiners (Baldridge Quality). Dr. Lillibridge referred to handout on Steering Committee. It would include 14 members with 5 criterion sub committees. The sub committees would include at large members (two faculty, two professional, and two classified), one administrative liaison. Dr. Lillibridge did note students were missing and he was not certain enough faculty were on committees. This is a draft. Ms. Kongs noted it was hard to say, but she thought it was fair. Dr. Chieffo noted to please let them know if anyone had any questions. Informational

5 - Informational Items a. NMSU's Living the Vision Committee (Dr. Huerta)

b. NMACC's Legislative Priorities (Dr. Huerta)

c. Governor's Task Force on Higher Education Report (Dr. Huerta)
Dr. Huerta referred to the handout, Living the Vision Committee. Dean Carruthers is the chair and Dr. Huerta is a member as the branch representative. The Plan was shared with the NMSU Regents at their July meeting. Dr. Huerta asked the group to look at number 5 on page 3.

Dr. Huerta referred to handout, NMACC Legislative Priorities. She noted she would bring information to this group from meetings she attends. Mr. Burke noted more information would come later. Dr. Lillibridge noted he was working on accountability reports with quick turnaround.

Dr. Huerta noted the Governor had put together a Higher Education Task Force. She referred to the response of the community college presidents to the Task Force report. Dr. Elrod noted the Task Force will have a response by the end of this month. Dr. Beverly McClure (co chair of Task Force) will be at the October 14 summit.


6 - Announcements a. Marketing Workshop (Dr. Huerta) Dr. Huerta noted Golden & Associates will be here September 28-29 for two full days of workshops. You will be hearing from her soon to participate. Dr. Huerta asked the group for announcements.

Dr. Elrod reminded everyone to register for the October 14 Summit early. He also announced that Carolyn VanderGiesen resigned effective October 5.

Ms. Kongs noted Faculty Council was working on: 1) adding a permanent parliamentarian; 2) committee structure; and 3) proactive with leadership development, making changes for the good. The officers are president Rebecca Kongs, past president Terry Mount, president elect Susan Wood, treasurer Virginia Durant, and secretary Kristina Gordon.

Dr. Lillibridge noted closure was added to the planning process. Human/physical resources has been added. Faces of the Future Survey is coming and we will need a good response.

Ms. Sletten noted the deans were working on Promotion & Tenure notebooks.

Ms. Roberts noted the new building would be ready in October. It's being pushed. Ms. Roberts added tough decisions may need to be made.

Dr. Carrica noted EPCC and UTEP were interested in our students. There is bus service from Sunland Park to UTEP campus. He also noted a computer had been stolen and parts of a male medical model had been stolen. Other than that, they are really busy.

Dr. Montoya noted 1) thanks to facilities for the four day renovation of student services; 2) Sept. 10 census date, class verification lists are out, we want a nice clean registration; and 3) today from noon to 1 p.m. ice cream social at gazebo by health building. A short discussion followed on the history of the gazebo.

Mr. Walker noted enrollment up at East Mesa (1,326). Students have been parking on the street.

Mr. Burke noted 1) scheduling space utilization planning and will be sending out building renewal and replacement requests; 2) there is an increase in courses; and 3) a facility update will be given at next meeting.

Ms. McGetrick noted 1) a student survey on distance education was now being conducted. All locations and times. The faculty survey has been completed. End of September will meet to finalize and give recommendation to Executive Team; and 2) a short grant would be done to Gates Foundation to promote technology to Hispanic students. The Director of NM State Library approached us to send in grant. The grant would provide funds to hold four workshops in four months.










Next Meeting Friday, October 8, 2004, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended 11:57 a.m.